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Basic vocabulary about fruit and forest trees in six European Partner Languages. 

Correct potential mistakes in your languages and create similar games, if you want!!!

This tutorial introduces the scope of school climate and inclusion in schools and highlights the key roles of cooperation and collaboration. It aims at helping schools to design activities to promote cooperative learning and collaboration amongst students and teachers.

Relevant information about the project. Administrative documents and partners presentations. Please, in case you are coordinator, this Moodle interests you!!

Carlos Baixauli and Inma Nájera

The main aim of the course is to provide several information in order to implement a School Garden through workshops develop in Fundación Cajamar.

This course is divided into:

 Election about crops and methods of multiplication.

Preparation of the plot, planting, direct sowing or planting of cuttings.

 Irrigation Installation.

Planting and sowing.

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